Usually my neighborhood has a ton of cats, both stray and with owners. Every time I come across one, they would either have this intense stare off with me or would run away before I could do anything. I was walking home today and saw a cat sitting on a porch of a house. I was like YES my opportunity has come! I reached into my bag and pulled out the lunch I didnt eat, ripping a piece and slowly showing it to the cat. It ran away behind the bars of the porch but I looked it straight in those yellow eyes, raised the piece of bread and slowly put it down on her sitting spot. I kept staring at it and nodding, wanting it to know that it was okay to not run away and it could trust me. So it felt like I was trying to get the trust approval of a hippogriff instead of a cat. 

At first I was like


But when the cat ate it


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