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1) Where do you think you would be now if you haven’t discovered kpop?

For music, listening to American mainstream hip hop and rap and R&B.

For life, a potato living with potatoic thoughts.

2) If your ultimate bias never debuted and he went to your school do you think you would still crush on him?

Yes. Definitely.

3) If your ultimate bias was born a girl what do you think your relationship would be with her? (BFFS? Enemies? Sisters? etc)

For Kris, we would be bffs but also some sort of friend zone since I wouldn’t help but have some sort of crush on him but lay him off since his second embarrassment concept would throw me off.

For Changmin, we would probably be enemies.

4) If you could be one kpop idol for a day, who would you be and what would you do? ;D

I would like to be Kai or Taemin for a day, fly to Times Square, and dance in front of the crowd for hours.

5) Which kpop song best describes your life?

Ugly- 2NE1

6) Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, or pride? And why?

Gluttony…..The rest are all self wrongs if I were to have those sins. Gluttony was the most normal one and its a sin we all possess regardless if we realize it or not. The rest of the sins on the list are decisions if we wanted to be it.

7) Your ultimate bias just revealed he’s in a relationship! What do you do? D:

I wouldn’t be mad or sad. I wouldn’t be happy but what the hell would that matter if he is happy. He wouldn’t need to know if I was unhappy because its irrelevant. I would definitely support him. However, it doesn’t mean I wont bite, punch and cry into my pillow from feels.

8) What would things be like if we never met? ;_;

I wouldn’t have someone with my name who would listen to me and a person with my name that would let me listen to them.

9) Do you have anything you want to tell me? ;D

Always Keep The Faith

10) What do you think about me/what was your first impression of me? (sry using same question as alexe XD) 

Same name? Same age? Just that little was enough and now its so much more.



My Questions

1)Most prized and oldest possession you have?

2) What is one thing about you that not a lot of people know?

3) One thing people misunderstand about you often.

4) Who you love in Kpop and who you dislike and why? ( Note: I did not use the word hate)

5) Top 3 DBSK songs.

6) Most played song on Itunes and number of plays.

7) How much do you think about me a day without me having to mention/text you? ….A week if not daily? ;__;

8) If you ever had the opportunity to be my real life friend, would you and whyyyy. What we do together and how will the atmosphere be realistically.

9) Write me a paragraph on anything you’re feeling right now.

10) Three things you really really want, possessions or wishes

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